Large Plasma LCD TV Stand Easel Double Pedistal

Flat screen TV Stands  Made from Solid Wood Heavy Duty Design


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TV is Guaranteed not to fall over using this stand*

Place your sound surround systems and other DVD satellite eqipment on base



 The TV Easel will take less room then a rocker. The TV Easel can adjust to move your TV up & down


Choose from these stain colors for extra $ 59.99 fee

 Please note color on internet may not be same as final product due to monitor setting's


Shipping to USA and CANADA


FLAT SCREEN TV EASEL STAND - Prices without stain add $ 59 & choose your color or stand will be shipped in plain unfinished wood

Depends on size of TV Starts at $ 249 up to $ 699                All prices in USA Dollars

If you are buying  stock for a retail store  to re-sell Minimum order is 50 units and you can mix and match sizes , ask for price quote All prices below are for direct sell to the customer or end user

Holds up to 19 inch -  Standard Model TV Stand 19-2   Suggested Retail $ 349.99  plus $ 149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 29 inch -  Standard Model TV Stand 29-2    Suggested Retail $ 419.99   plus $ 149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 39 inch -  Standard Model TV Stand 39-2    Suggested Retail $ 479.99   plus $ 149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 49 inch - Standard Model TV Stand 49-2    Suggested Retail $ 549.99    Plus $149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 52 inch - Standard Model TV Stand 52-2    Suggested Retail $ 589.99    Plus $149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 59 inch - Standard Model TV Stand 59-2    Suggested Retail $ 699.99    Plus $149 shipping or TBD

Holds up to 64 inch - Standard Model TV Stand 64-2     Suggested Retail $ 799.99  Plus  $159 shipping or TBD

All are priced using pine wood, other woods require quote

For Flush Wall Model add $ 149 to above prices - Flush Wall model fits closer to your wall, this helps when placing in small rooms or condo's

Note  All standard models are as shown and fit about 10 - 12 inches from the wall for the frame that holds your TV, If you would like your TV Closer to the wall then choose the "Flush Wall Model " which fits about half the space as the standard model  

Duties,Courier Duties etc charges will be paid by client These are determined once Easel Is shipped, UPS Charges client directly


Items to add to your order

All TV Stands comes with Walnut color for Free, if you want any of the other stain colors in chart paying extra $ 49.99

  • Add $ 49 for additional Shelf 
  •  Add $ 49 for caster wheels - NOTE Prevents scuffing your floor & is easy to move stand around your home
  • There will be an extra fee of $ 59.99 for our colors and your colors will be quoted on
  • Do you want a TV Easel to fit 5 inches from the wall, then ask for our Wall TV Easel Stand and add $ 149 to your order
  • Also will custom make these TV Easels from these wood types Cherry, Oak, Maple wood type please ask for a price quote for these and others
  • Our new stands use a safer mechanism to hold the TV to the stand; the RekveSecure TM Patent Pending metal brace.

    All TV Stands are designed to meet VESA International mounting specifications.

    Bonus  (Not shown in pictures) all TV Stands come with metal bracket to bolt to back of your TV

    All TV Stands & Art Easels are designed to hold upto 140 lbs, the sturdy construction will insure your Flatscreen TV is safely held in place. These stands will take a great deal of structural stress in order to break. We ship the TV Stands pre-assembled componants,  all you need to do is attach the base to the main frame.

     All TV Stands are made using fine workmanship no matter which wood type we use

 Also our stands offer a better system to secure the TV to the stand

 "RekveSecure TM" Patent Pending.,"

Please call us and let us know for TV's over 66 inches we have stands for these on custom orders;

  Click here to send an e-mail question

Built only with Solid wood, no fake wood is used in our manufacturing. All wood has natural wood grain so stain texture will still show

  • Height-adjustable design
  • Ask about our Wall LCD TV Stand Easel, it fits up to 9 inches away from the wall including your TV
  • Integrated component storage; wire management keeps cords hidden and secure
  • Securely holds LCD flat-screen TVs up to 66" (we will custom size this to your TV)
  • Hand-applied, antiqued ebony finish - We also offer other finishes like Oak, maple, and cedar at an extra fee
    Fitted with small wheels for extra fee 
  • Also suited for artwork and mirror display


Call :306.654.4569 If you get voice mail , leave message

7 Days a week   8:00 AM – 10:00 pm

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to ask questions or place an order






Refunds will be accepted with the following conditions 1. You pay a 50 % restocking charge 2. You pay shipping back to us in the same conditionit was shipped to you (Exaclty) 3. There is no damage to the Easel or parts missing. Only if all three of these conditions are met 100 % we will issue a 50% refund for the Easel only and not shipping.

 Do not sent the easel back to us without your return code or your return will not be accepted and sent back to you. Please respect these conditions in order to save you some money. All these stands are custom made to customer spec's and are not re-sellable, and if you damage the stand or if it is damaged in shipping back to us there is no refund no exceptions

No reproduction of this TV Stand Easel in whole or in part will be permitted. Any reproduction will be dealt with using Patent & design laws. The courts will deal with all copy cats with full force of USA & Canadian & International laws

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